Moving on to Javascript

Moving on to Javascript

This tutorial is for Small Basic programmers who want to use the skills they've learned to move on to another language.

Javascript is THE language of the web and we will show you how you can create the same sort of graphic programs that you've been used to writing in Small Basic but in Javascript. And not only that, you'll be able to publish these to the web for everyone to share and enjoy.

The tutorial is interactive (the link is below) and is based upon a graphics library, called p5, and another library written  especially for this tutorial.

The tutorial is in three parts; the first two are available now, the third will be there soon.

Also, soon we'll published downloadable materials so that you can write and publish these programs.

The tutorial is here

Please leave feedback here. Any suggestions are very welcome and mighr encourage me to get the next step finished quicker :)


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